Robots are becoming a threat to for humans in the case of unemployment

Artificial Intelligence Technology is now a threat to your job. In the next four years, there are 6.4 lakh low-skilled jobs in the Indian IT service industry due to Artificial Intelligence Technology. World Bank's research report claims that this new technology can cause a crisis of 69 percent jobs in the Indian IT industry. American HFS Research says that due to automation, India can unemploy 6.4 lakh jobs by 2021.  

77 percent of jobs can in threat be due to AI technology in China. It is being said that if artificial intelligence technology is not used properly, then it can prove to be 'disaster' for IT sector jobs across the world. Technology Expert Reports Alhada now has the effect of artificial intelligence technology on  60-70% of jobs. It is likely that due to this, the IT industry can go marginally. At the same time, technology experts are calling Artificial Technology for India as beneficial in the field of employment.

They believe that this new technique is very beneficial for India's Information Technology Industry, with its $ 150 billion and 40 lakh employees.  The impact of the automation on agriculture sector is not only affecting the IT industry, but other sectors are also affected by this.

These include agriculture sector prominently. It is being said that the Tata group is looking for automation technology. Tata Group is using this technology in the field of agricultural technology. For this, a drone is being made which can be sprayed in fields without human assistance.  

Musk and Hawking have warned the world about Artificial Intelligence . They say that if humans behave indifferently to this technique then it can prove to be extremely dangerous. Musk has liked the AI technique to call 'the demon'  .

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