Rosewater to enhance the beauty of face

Rosewater, which is the medicine for every discomfort, can say that remove every facial discomfort. It gives a lot of benefits, especially in summer. There is nothing less useful in winter. Today we are going to tell you some beauty tips of rosewater. Rosewater is a natural beauty product that can maintain not only the skin but also the hair, eyes and beauty. That is, it is beneficial to enhance your beauty in every way. 
Special features of rosewater:

1 If you want to prevent your ageing, add a little glycerin to rosewater and apply it to your face. Rosewater has anti-ageing properties.

2 Having large pores on the face makes the dirt accumulate comfortably in them, thereby spoiling the face. Add lemon juice to rosewater and apply it to the face to reduce the pores of your face.

3 If you want to remove the problem of facial acne, use rose water. Rosewater cleans your skin from the inside as well as removes the infection from the face due to its anti-bacterial properties.

4 To remove the dark circles under the eyes, soak milk and rose water in cotton and place it on your eyes. Your dark circles will disappear in a few days.

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