RSS founder Dr Hedgewar's speech added in class 10th syllabus in Karnataka, accused of deleting text of Bhagat Sing

Bangalore: A controversy has erupted over the inclusion of Rashtriya Swayamsevak Sangh (RSS) founder Dr Hedgewar's speech in the class 10th syllabus in Karnataka. Many organizations have objected to this. Some organizations including All India Democratic Students Organizations, All India Save Education Committee had objected to this move of the government. After this, Karnataka's Primary and Secondary Education Minister BC Nagesh has given an explanation justifying it.

Cabinet Minister BC Nagesh has justified the inclusion of RSS founder Dr Hedgewar's speech in the class 10th syllabus. He said that nothing has been added in the syllabus regarding Dr Hedgewar or RSS and nothing is being taught. It has a speech by Dr. Hedgewar, the founder of the bus union and freedom fighter, which will inspire the students. Actually, the Karnataka government has amended the class 10th Kannada book and added a new text. This includes the speech of Dr. Hedgewar. State Education Minister BC Nagesh has said that those who are opposing it have not actually read it. Some people object to everything. They feel that they are right and only their thoughts should come in the society.

In the speech of Dr Hedgewar which has been included in the curriculum, he is saying that one should take ideology, values ​​and principles as one's inspiration. He has talked about the importance of society and nation. I ask what's wrong with that?


At the same time, organizations opposing the government's move have alleged that the text of Shaheed-e-Azam Bhagat Singh has been removed from the book. Not only this, the organizations allege that the government has also removed works like AN Murthy Rao's Vyagrgeete, P Lankesh's Mriga Mattu Sundari, and Sara Abubakar's Yudh from the books. AISEC i.e. All India Save Education Committee alleged that the BJP government of the state is conspiring to impose the ideology of RSS on the children.

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