Rudra invites Prarthana to the event, 24th September, Naagin 6

Prarthana collapses in today's episode not far from the temple. She calls out to her mom. Chanda inquires about Pratha's wellbeing. When she goes to check on Anmol, she discovers that the red moonlight has not had an impact on her. Prarthana is being pursued by snake charmers. Prarthana's navel is where naagmani enters with Lord Shiva's blessing. Prarthana murders every person. She loses balance and tumbles. Professor hopes Prarthana isn't the mother of Pratha. When Prarthana awakens, she realises she has no memories. In her dream, Pratha sees Nageshwari warning her that an unlikely event is about to occur.

When Prarthana returns home, she discovers that her stammering and vision have unexpectedly improved. Rudra is questioned by Prarthana as to why he sent her to risky individuals after learning that the snake charmers attempted to kidnap her. She is free to leave if she chooses not to work during difficult times, he says. She expresses her regrets. Rishab is informed by Pratha that they cannot compel anyone, and it is fortunate that Rudra has so far chosen not to wed. Pratha visits Anmol and inquires as to her reasons for leaving. Pratha is informed by Anmol that she intends to visit New York. They can go as a family, Rishab says. When Anmol finds out that Rudra will be there, she decides to go with them. Prarthana is invited by Rudra to the function.

They all depart for the occasion. Anmol notices Prarthana at the event and recalls Rudra mentioning a person who resembles Pratha. She goes to give her a hug. Prarthana is taken aback. Rudra apologises to Anmol for the previous night but is stopped before he can explain why. The event is opened by the minister. Rudra requests that his team cover the entire event. Pratha is informed by Suhasini that she hasn't changed at all. She believes that because she is naagin, she won't change, but her happiness won't last for long.

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