Ruff-Ruff..!! We are here to help you de-stress

Mar 13 2018 02:15 PM
Ruff-Ruff..!! We are here to help you de-stress

Exam season is going on and we know how stressed your kids are. Stress can be harmful to their health as well as it can affect their memorizing power. The pressure of performance and stress during exams often lead students to forget what they have studied. 

Recently, studies have shown that spending some time with dogs can help boost wellness among stressed-out students. The research was done on 246 students before and after they spent time in a drop-in therapy dog session.

It is said that when you have a pet they help you to decrease the negativity. Hence in this study, also after 10 hours, students reported less negative emotion, feeling more supported, and feeling less stressed.

While previous research suggested that female students benefit from therapy dog sessions more than male students, the researchers found the benefits were equally distributed across both genders in this study. 

Though the effect of dog sessions is for a less period of time, then you should make it a routine for your children. Spending time with pets can enhance your confidence and it relaxes your brain muscles.

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