Keep these things in mind while buying rakhi for brother

Rakhi is the holy festival of brothers and sisters which is going to be celebrated on 3 August this year. This festival is considered to be a very special festival. This festival shows the love of siblings and on this festival, sister brings a 'Raksha Sutra' for siblings. Colorful Rakhi has become available in the market and online shopping websites these days. But do you know that when buying a rakhi for brother, it is important to take care of some things. There is such a belief that some special types of Rakhis should not be tied on the wrist of brother, this gives inauspicious results. Today we are going to tell you about those special things that need to be taken care of.

1. It is said that sisters should never tie black rakhi on their brother's wrist. It is believed that tying black rakhi starts the inauspicious time. According to the scriptures, black color is related to Shani Dev, so never take black rakhi.

2. It is said that on Rakshabandhan, sisters should never tie a broken rakhi on a brother's wrist because it is inauspicious.

3. It is said that the sister should not tie plastic Rakhi on brother's wrist. Plastic is made of impure things, due to this reason tying a rakhi of plastic brings bad luck in life.

4. It is said that while buying rakhi, attention should be given to design or inauspicious signs. Never tie a rakhi with inauspicious signs on a brother's wrist or else his life can be ruined.

5. It is said that the Lord's Rakhi should not be tied on the brother's wrist. The reason behind this is that if Rakhi falls openly on the ground and falls on someone's feet, both you and your brother feel guilty.

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