Rumours led to Breakup of this famous TV star; read on!

The TV actor and famous dancer Faisal Khan are in the news these days. In fact, since the past, Faisal has been living in a discussion with his relationship status and now because of his breakup. Yes, let me first tell you that Faisal has been dating the Jaipur-based model Muskana Kataria for a very long time, and the news of Faisal and Muskan dating was trending. While Faisal and Muskan continue to post their pictures on social media often, there are now reports that the two have had a breakup.

Yes, there are reports that both of them have been broken up and are said to have a tiff for some time. The report surfaced that now Muskan drifted into a different apartment and the reason for the two used to fight was mainly the family of Faisal.

"Muskan was finding it difficult to align with the family of Faisal and was not able to adjust itself to the family of the Faisal," say the reports. Not only this, Muskan has not even celebrated Eid with Faisal and his family. There are also reports that the couple has had a breakup and the 21-year-old Faisal is no longer with Muskan. Yes, in the past, Faisal had spoken on his Lovestory with Muskan, saying, "He had met Muskan during a fashion show in Jodhpur."

At the same time, Faisal said, "when Muskan met me she did not know who I was. Our first meeting was that when Muskan was looking for a mobile charger, and I gave her my charger. That's how we talked." It is not confirmed at the moment that the two have had a breakup.

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