Unique view of humanity in World Athletics Championship, Know the matter

DOHA: World Athletics Championships is going on in Qatar's capital Doha these days. There are reports of wins and losses daily from this championship. But there is an interesting incident in the championship meanwhile which is being praised everywhere. During the 5000 meter race, the audience got to see something after which everyone present in the stadium was surprised.

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During the 5000 meter race, Dabo was running in his last lap after listening to the Breema of Guinea Basco, he was far from qualifying and though he tried to achieve his personal best. At that time, he was looking at Jonathan Busby's athlete from Aruba, who was tired due to heat and was struggling to run. Seeing him in this condition, Busby went to him and helped him reach the finish line by holding him.

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During this time, spectators at the stadium gave a standing ovation to the athlete. After the race was over, Dabo said, "If any athlete were in my place, he would have done the same. The help of a player from another country is very common. He was also representing his country like me. He only thanked me". Everyone else is discussing this incident, which is an example of humanity.

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