Anupama becomes Anuj's bride, Kavya's ex-husband comments

TV serial Anupama is going very interesting these days. The current track of the show is no less than a dream for the viewers. Because after all the difficulties, now Anupama and Anuj Kapadia are getting married. However, the amazing thing is that even Baa, who is against Anupama's marriage, is happily joining it. In the latest episode of Anupama, it is shown that she herself welcomes Anuj Kapadia (Gaurav Khanna) and the procession accompanying him.


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At the moment, pictures of Anupama and Anuj's wedding are all over the social media and everyone is congratulating both of them. Now in the meantime, Rupali Ganguly herself has also shared some pictures from Anupama's wedding. You can see Rupali Ganguly shared these pictures on Instagram a few hours ago. In just a few hours, these photos have received millions of likes. Now the fans are not tired of praising Anupama's beauty and are constantly writing beautiful, gorgeous in the comment box. On the other hand, actor Rushad Rana has also praised Anupama a lot.

Rushad used to play the role of Kavya's ex-husband in the serial Anupama and Rushad has commented on Anupama's pictures, 'Dulhan ho to aisi....' Anupama's audience has been wanting to see the wedding track for a long time. In such a situation, everyone's wish has now been fulfilled and now Anupama is going to be her love i.e. Anuj's.

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