Know this easy way to lose weight from 'Anupama,' gave advice through video

Television's famous daughter-in-law 'Anupama' aka Rupali Ganguly has become very active on social media. She has found a way to connect with the fans. Rupali Ganguly is often seen sharing her own photoshoots and funny videos. Recently, Rupali Ganguly has shared a stunning video of herself, in which she is seen taking a dig at people who advise other people to lose weight.

In the same video, Rupali says that I have become very chubby what should I do to lose weight. On this, she is told to eat less sugar, but Rupali refuses to do so. Then she is advised to work out. About this, Rupali said that she does not feel like doing it. Ahead. In the caption of the video, Rupali wrote, "Eat whatever you want and if anyone tries to lecture you, eat them too!"



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Fans are commenting on this video of the same Rupali. Fans are seeing her expressions as very cute in the video. So far, Rupali's video has got more than 30 thousand likes. Rupali's friend Delnaaz has commented and created hilarious emojis. Earlier, a glamorous photoshoot of Rupali had gone viral, in which she was seen wearing a mustard coat suit. Gradually, the image of Rupali is seen turning from daughter-in-law to babe. Rupali is very glamorous in real life. Her role in 'Anupamaa' has become very popular among fans. 

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