Rushiraj Sinh Jadeja Aka Jayraj Talks About Being An Automobile Influencer

Sep 20 2019 04:40 PM
Rushiraj Sinh Jadeja Aka Jayraj Talks  About Being An Automobile Influencer

Social media has opened doors for many people. Nowadays, people have shifted their profession from being a job person to a self-employed person. It has become a major platform to connect to the audience which has lately seen a rise of the influencers. Be it any category, there have been many influencers and bloggers who are trying to bring a change through digital space. Jayraj aka Rushiraj Sinh Jadeja is one such social media influencer who is a complete automobile fanatic. As much as he loves motorbikes, he is much more inclined towards cars. 

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Being a pure Gujarati, Rushiraj is completely a money-minded person. Since his childhood, he had a major attraction to cars. Being a kid, he played with remote-controlled cars and while growing up he got one for himself. After his college, he thought to make his career in the world of cars and wanted to become a car dealer. But fate had something great in the store for him. By doing thorough research on social media and how to make money out of it, he decided to become an influencer.

Later, Jayraj revamped his Instagram and started to post the content about automobiles. Speaking about becoming an influencer, he said, “I never thought of becoming a blogger but when I got familiar with the aspects of social media, I decided to change my passion into my profession. I started posting relevant content on Instagram and with time I got a positive response from the people. Since then, I decided to be an influencer. Basically, I am from Jamnagar, Gujarat. The people there are known to be pure businessmen but I wanted to do something unique and that’s what saw me becoming a social media blogger.”

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Looking at his journey, Jayraj proves that nothing can stop a person from following his passion. We wish the young lad all the best for his upcoming work and let’s wait what novel content he has to offer everyone on the digital space.

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