Russia can target India's election using media

Russia can target the media of these countries to interfere in the elections of countries like India and Brazil. A social media expert from Oxford University has blamed these in front of American lawmakers.
Philip Ann Howard is a Professor of Internet Studies at the Oxford Internet Institute and Balliol College at Oxford University. They were presented before the Senate Intelligence Committee during a hearing of foreign influence on social media platforms. 

Although Howard could not say anything about his charges in much detail. He said that the situation in those countries can be more frightening, where the media is not as professional as the American media. Earlier, Howard gave some examples of such interventions in the Hungarian media. 

Howard said that the US has the world's most professional media. It evaluates its sources and does not consider tweets as a report. I want to say that our democratic colleagues will be more concerned about the media institutions.

Howard said that I have full faith that the Russians will not target us now, but they will target huge democracies like India and Brazil, where elections are to be held in the next few years. While they are still seeing important Russian interventions, the media organizations of these countries need to learn and develop.

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