Russia, China Accuse US and UK of Illegal Strikes on Yemen Rebels in Red Sea
Russia, China Accuse US and UK of Illegal Strikes on Yemen Rebels in Red Sea

In a heated exchange at the United Nations Security Council, Russia and China have accused the United States and the United Kingdom of unlawfully targeting military sites used by Yemen's Houthi rebels. The strikes were allegedly aimed at preventing the rebels from launching missiles at commercial ships in the Red Sea, a vital route for global shipping.

The US and UK ambassadors defended their actions, arguing that the strikes were a necessary response to illegal attacks by the Houthi rebels. They emphasized the impact of these attacks on global shipping costs, particularly affecting the transportation of food supplies and humanitarian aid to the region.

However, Russia and China countered that the Security Council had not authorized military action against Yemen, questioning the legality of the strikes. They called for a focus on diplomatic efforts to resolve the conflict and restore peace to Yemen.

The clashes occurred during a council meeting where the UN special envoy for Yemen highlighted the challenges in achieving peace due to escalating regional tensions. The conflict in Yemen has been further complicated by events in Gaza, with the Houthi rebels targeting ships in the Red Sea in solidarity with Palestinians.

The US and UK have conducted airstrikes on Houthi missile arsenals and launch sites in recent weeks, aiming to disrupt their attacks on commercial shipping. The US envoy accused Iran of supplying advanced weapons to the Houthis, contributing to the instability in the region.

Despite efforts to broker a cease-fire and improve living conditions in Yemen, the conflict continues to escalate, exacerbating an already dire humanitarian crisis. Millions of Yemenis are in urgent need of humanitarian assistance, with severe food insecurity and widespread malnutrition affecting the population.

As the international community grapples with the complex dynamics of the Yemen conflict, the need for coordinated diplomatic efforts and humanitarian support remains paramount.

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