Russia releases a draft security deal with NATO

MOSCOW: Russia has issued a draft agreement on steps to maintain both sides' security that it has proposed to the North Atlantic Treaty Organization (NATO).

According to the Russian Foreign Ministry, Russia and NATO will not increase their security independently, including through international organizations, military alliances, or coalitions, at the expense of the security of others.

To avoid dangerous situations, they should settle conflicts by peaceful ways and resist from using or threatening to use force, as well as display restraint in military planning and training. Russia has proposed that Russia and NATO reaffirm their mutual non-aggression agreement.

Russia and NATO member states would be prohibited from deploying military forces and armaments on the territory of any other European country after May 27, 1997, in addition to the forces already stationed there. Both sides would be forbidden from deploying intermediate- and short-range missiles on land in regions where they could reach each other's territory.

Russia has demanded NATO to halt further enlargement, including Ukraine's entry, as well as any military involvement in Ukraine and other Eastern European, South Caucasus, and Central Asian countries.

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