Take a look at Russian Cursive if you consider your writing bad

Aug 05 2020 05:40 PM
Take a look at Russian Cursive if you consider your writing bad

Till date, all of you must have seen the writing of doctors many times. We all feel dizzy after seeing the writing of the doctor because it is beyond our comprehension. It used to happen to us also when we were younger. There will be many people who have been beaten up due to bad writing in their childhood. Now if you are also one of them, then answer yes and do not smile… .If you feel that the mistake was yours at that time, it is not so.



You will not know that you are writing Russian Cursive. You all wrote Russian Cursive in childhood. Today we are going to show you the Russian Cursive. We are sure that after seeing Russian Cursive, all of you will like the writing of doctors.


Russian Cursive is going viral on the internet and people are also writing funny things after seeing it. After seeing this, some are also saying that it seems that all the doctors are Russian. Many people have made fun of it. Apart from this, many people have remembered the days of their childhood and they are also saying this as the best.

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