Video: Man lights cigarette at petrol pump, car caught fire and then...

You all must have often seen that in sensitive places like petrol pumps, there is a warning written on the board that it will not be right to use things like cigarettes here. However, despite this, there are many people who do not come out of their habits and due to this, they have to suffer a lot. The case that has now come to light is from Russia. In fact, a man narrowly survived here.


The incident is said to have taken place in the Russian city of Chelyabinsk. In fact, here a man was getting petrol in filled his car and during this time he stood behind and waited for his share of petrol to be completed. In the meantime, the man did not know what the smell was, he started smoking a cigarette and as soon as he did so, there was a fire. The incident that took place during that time was captured on CCTV and the video of it has also surfaced. It is seen that there are immediate flames of fire.

After that, the man quickly removes the handle of the petrol pump from the car and throws it out. On seeing this, the car also catches fire and after that, he ran to the front seat and sat in the front seat and pulled the car out of there. However, the most important thing was that within a short time the fire was extinguished on its own. At the same time, a person present there also picked up the fire extinguisher by then and tried to douse the fire from it.

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