Love: It is your smile that fills my world with pleasure...

1. Know How Much Love You

You Are My Life Accept This

I Have Nothing To Give You

Just Have A Life When You Want To Live. 


2. How Did It Happen To Love

Got Myself Noticed

I Do Not Care About Any Relationship

I Loved You So Much In Love.


3. “No matter how I look, what I do, 

I know there is one person who 

will hold me in his arms.”


4.“It is your smile that fills my world with pleasure.”


5. “Talk about love, but keep a little

 awareness, it is a very innocent 

face, of these infidels…!!”


6. “Life is about living, loving, 

enjoying, and being happy.”


7. "One day you will search for

 me to say sorry but believe

 me that will be too late.


8. Life is short. Kiss slowly,

laugh insanely, love truly, 

and forgive quickly.


9. Only true love or a good woman 

can make a bad man change himself.


10.True love doesn’t come to you; 

it has to be inside you.

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