Safest ways to dine in at your favorite restaurant during coronavirus

This year 2020 has been so different from the epidemic disease. Here the waiter will not greet you and ask you your name, instead, he will spray sanitizer and check the temperature before letting you in. The new normal is weird but it's how we can keep ourselves safer. Recently, restaurants have opened and finally, we can take a break from the monotonous dal and chapati meal. 

But, we need to be careful and follow measures for our safety like social distancing, wearing a mask, and frequently washing our hands to protect us from COVID-19. Here are a few precautions while dining out:

1) Wear your mask after you are done with your meal

The face mask is the biggest weapon against coronavirus. Take off your mask only when the meal has arrived and put it back on as soon as you are through with your meal to limit the exposure. 

2) Avoid using the restroom

Restrooms are the biggest source of infection. You don't know who actually used the washroom before you. Avoid using the restroom unless necessary.

3) Choose the restaurant wisely

Make sure that the restaurant you are planning to go to for dine-in follows adequate safety measures. They must take your temperature before entering and give you sanitizer. The waiters should frequently wash their hands, keep the cutlery is clean and follow social distancing. 

4) Keep sanitizing your hands

There are a lot of common touchpoints at a restaurant. Whether it’s the table or the glass or the napkin holder. Always sanitize your hands after touching a possible common touchpoint. 

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