Sahil Khan Dyer: The New Raising Star from Jalore

May 17 2021 07:57 PM
Sahil Khan Dyer: The New Raising Star from Jalore

Born in Jalore, Rajasthan to a middle-class family, Sahil Khan Dyer is an international Hip-Hop dancer/choreographer. 

Sahil has worked with many artists in reality TV, movies, etc. He has choreographed many dances for many of the famous Bollywood actors and actresses. 

Sahil faced a lot of difficulties to get to where he is today. His father, Suleman Khan Dyer is an auto-rickshaw driver who worked very hard to make ends meet and to put food on the table. 

He said, “I faced a lot of financial issues, I didn’t have money for my costumes, entry fee for competitions, and travel money to get to the competitions. I would borrow good clothes from my friends and family for my auditions.” 

He started dancing at the age of 8 and then within four years he started teaching and choreographing dances.  

When asked who motivates him he said, “My parents and Swati maa. My friends and family have always been there with me through it all. They never lost hope in me, they are the reason I am a success today.”

Talking about his struggle he said, “I lost almost 170 competitions before I won my first. I never lost hope, thanks to my support system pushing me through every loss. I believe, ‘Garib paida hona gunah nhi hai Garib marna gunah hai’, or ‘Yeh Samay hai Beet Hi Jayega Achaa Ho Ya Buraa’, these two quotes always get me through my tough times.”

“I won my life’s first competition in district level after that I just started winning shows and then I had won 450 competitions! I won for the district, state, national level, and international levels in 11 years! From 2010 to 2021”

Sahil’s story is nothing but an inspiration for everyone. He preaches the motto “never stop chasing your dreams”. This positive and passionate willpower of Sahil has helped him win many accolades for his dancing skills. He is currently a social media influencer with thousands of followers.

Sahil dreams to open up the biggest dance studio and talent management company. He wants to help as many people as he can that are chasing similar dreams.

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