Sai Baba's precious thoughts must be inhish in life

Today is Thursday and today is the fast and worship of Sai Baba. It is said that by worshipping Sai Baba, all the wishes of the people are fulfilled. Today, we have brought the precious thoughts of Sai Baba that all of you should take into your life.

* If you live together in love in your home, your home becomes like heaven.

* Just as a person has a character, he becomes his friends.

* Love brings people closer... Hate takes away.

* The foundation of a house should be solid if it has to last for a long time. The same principle applies to human life, otherwise it will also sink into soft ground and be ruined in the world of confusion.

* It is our duty to behave well towards people, which is enough

* Don't be selfish. Earn your livelihood by working hard. Don't run after money.

* All the consequences of life are the result of human thinking, so our thinking matters.

* Life is a song, hum it.
Life is a game, play it.
Life is a challenge, complete it.
Life is a dream, make it come true.
Life is a love, enjoy it.

* Love each other and help others reach heights.

* Serving your parents is equal to serving God.

* Once spoken words can never be returned, so always speak thoughtfully.

* Good and true friends always give good advice to a person. They stop him from following the bad path.

* Keep trying to find God; It will be good for you.

* Do good deeds, so do good deeds, do not fall into the trap of attachment maya. And keep following the good path... You will be blessed

* Meeting and separation is the custom of life, we all know. Nevertheless, when a person places someone in his heart, the heart of a person cries when he is separated from him.

* Everyone owns one.

* Faith means dependency, fearlessness and restlessness.

* No matter how harsh the guru's words are? It saves man.

* Diya (Lamp) burns to others till its end and illuminates the lives of others. He shows the way in the dark and warns the one who works in the dark of the night that I see it. It is not given yogi; Great yogi.

* Money is the means to achieve happiness; But money is not happiness.

* Never hurt others, give them happiness.

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