Amrita Singh used to taunt Saif's mother and sister, this is why Saif divorced her

Today is the birthday of Saif Ali Khan, who won the hearts of people with his strong acting in Bollywood. Saif Ali Khan is celebrating his 52nd birthday today. Saif Ali Khan, who has given many superhit films in his career, is in the headlines these days for his film Vikram Vedha. Saif Ali Khan was supposed to debut with Rahul Rawail's 'Bekhudi' and Kajol was also stepping into the film world with the same film, although she was replaced from this film due to Saif's unprofessional behaviour. Yes and during this time Saif met his first wife i.e. Amrita Singh. The two came together for a photo shoot, where they became friends. Soon after the shoot, Amrita was asked by Saif to go to dinner and Amrita refused and invited her to her house.

It is said that after dinner, both of them kissed each other and Saif said I love you. After that, both of them started living together in the same house, but in different rooms. In fact, Saif himself told in an interview with Simi Garewal that he did not leave Amrita's house for a long time. Later, the two started getting spotted as a couple in public and one day Saif had to go out for a shoot. At that time, the actor did not have money, so Saif asked Amrita to lend him Rs 100. However, Amrita asked Saif to take her car, but Saif said that the production vehicle has been sent for him. Amrita had said this thinking that on this pretext she would be able to meet Saif again.

On Simi Garewal's show, Amrita Singh said, "Saif stayed at my house for two days. He had to go for the shoot. At first, he asked me for Rs 100 because he didn't have money. I said why don't you take my car?" Saif said that the production house has sent a car for me. On this, I said that no, you take my car, on this pretext, you will come back to me to return my car. Amrita wanted to see Saif again, due to which she said this to Saif. The couple got married in 1991 and divorced in 2004. The couple has two children - Sara Ali Khan and Ibrahim Ali Khan. Saif is currently Kareena Kapoor's husband and father of Taimur and Jeh.

Talking about his divorce from Amrita, Saif had said, "It was the worst thing in the world, it's something I still feel. I wish it was different from what it is. I don't think I will ever be okay with this thing. There are certain things that will never give me peace in this matter. I was only 21 at the time. Things have changed a lot today. You want parents to always be together, but they are two different units. So nowadays everyone can agree with a modern relationship.''

Saif had also said that 'Amrita's behaviour towards him and his family changed after marriage. She used to insult his mother Sharmila Tagore, and sisters Soha and Saba a lot and used to call them bad. Amrita also used to constantly taunt and insult Saif. She used to make him realize every moment that he was a bad husband and a bad father. Fed up with these things, he divorced Amrita.

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