Sajid Shahid join hands with Abhijeet Singh founder of Bollyframe

Sajid Shahid needs no formal introduction anymore. A name which everyone knows about if he is related to the entertainment industry. He is a well-known established celebrity fashion photographer and director based in Delhi. He has beautifully captured many celebrities, high end fashion brands and magazines over the course of time.

Sajid has now advanced into Direction and is using his vast experience and creative knowledge into directing some astounding music videos. It’s only been an year and he has already directed more than ten videos. Some of his greatest hits have been Mere Mehboob, Chakk k Glass, Feel Dilaye and Wajah. Sajid strongly feels that he has a deep connection with music since his childhood. His love for writing lyrics makes him feel deeply connected with songs and that gives him a new vision to direct all songs from a different perspective.

Sajid Shahid has now joined hands with Bollyframe Music, a label which is owned by Abhijeet Singh who is his dear friend for more than a decade now. It is rightly said that every great business is built on friendship. Abhijeet and Sajid have come together and are building this label from scratch and aim to become one of the best labels of the country soon.

Sajid is now the founder of an independent music label as well called “Yellow Tape Records” which he has started with his wife Shilpa Khatwani who is a digital marketing expert. Yellow Tape Records has already signed up some amazing singers, musicians and lyricists. The channel has a good audience and has released eight songs already. Sajid is working day and night relentlessly on both Bollyframe and Yellow Tape Records. He is raising both the labels like his own baby.

When spoken to Sajid he says “Music has always been my passion. I intend to take both the labels to great heights. This is just the beginning and we are coming up with more amazing songs which will keep you glued.”

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