Sakshi Gupta: A Woman On Her Own

Sakshi Gupta: A Woman On Her Own

Born on 4 April 1989, Sakshi was brought up in South Delhi. A highly popular and talented girl adored by the masses, she excelled at almost everything from academics to extracurricular. Then she made her parents proud by enrolling in LSR, the University of Delhi in Mathematics honors. She always was intrigued by the subject of arithmetics, now she also had the chance to explore it with the exposure of a DU campus. And explore, she did.

Overcoming a lot of jealousy and hatred she broadened her horizons in Street Jazz from Ashley Lobo, also in Semi Classical singing, and trained under Charanjeet Soni from Shree Ram Bhartiya Kendra. Always hailed for her excellence in mathematics, she slowly started moving away from the subject as she progressed to a broader lifestyle not limited by just academics. During this time, she learned fashion designing, nail art, makeup artistry and then almost opened a small academy at her place passing her knowledge to her peer women.

The roller coaster of college got her an internship which also she nailed to the sky and started looking towards a new chapter of her life. Got married to an interior designer with a very well-established family and got ingrained in the family life.

Time flew by and turned into a six-year hiatus and had a family but she was still constantly learning new things. She ventured on alone and got back to work. The first place she went to work was with the same people with who she had started her career as they were really happy with her performance before. She successfully scored a major position in the company with just the sheer hard work and her talent and landed the roster of the best projects in the company handling Google, Samsung, Apple clients. This was also when she slowly started learning digital marketing on her own. When she started working on her physical health again, she came in contact with a female trainer at her gym. Impressed with the trainer’s record, she started doing her digital marketing for free. She did her social media just to get experience and never charged a penny.

When she realized that this is what she is supposed to be doing, she took another leap of faith and formed her own company Social fire & Co. Slowly but steadily she started getting her breakthroughs. A business is always hard to get off the ground but this was a woman working. She worked 10 times harder than her male counterparts as she knew she was meant for greater things. Her eyes kept hurting,  but she forged through.

By her hard work and constant hustling she got into the makeup industry and started managing influencers, makeup artists. She caught their USPs as she already had some personal experience. From a startup to a well-respected brand today she now handles models like Sonam C Chabra, makeup artists such as Isha Khanna, and several other makeup artists and skincare brands.

“It's all about confidence and the things you have learned in life,” she says when asked about her mantra in life.  A woman on top of her game she still has a lot of hope and space for change and improvement. When asked about her future, she says,

“I just want to sit on the beach and chill out for myself. People should know me for my knowledge. I Want to get the message out that people are doing the good things in this business in a better way.”

Today she is one of the best PR handlers in Delhi who not only works on collaborations but also on strategy. In addition to that, she’s also ventured into website development and designing, photography, video editing, product marketing, social media management, you name it, she’s got it. ANd it’s not just us, her experience speaks for itself.

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