Kangana reacted to Salma Hayek's post on Goddess Lakshmi
Kangana reacted to Salma Hayek's post on Goddess Lakshmi

Kangana Ranaut is seen keeping her opinion on every issue in today's time. She has so far given her statement on many issues. Kangana keeps giving her opinion on Bollywood, politics, and spirituality too. However, recently Kangana has retweeted a tweet by Salma Hayek and said, "She has found people who believe in Hindu Gods and Goddesses in many parts of the world".

Kangana retweeted, "Across the world, I unexpectedly find Krishna, Shiva or Devi devotees, regardless of religion or race many people love Rama or follow Bhagavad Geeta, but in India so many unfortunate souls mock Bhakti, clearly, we aren’t the ones who choose devotion rather devotion chooses us". Before this, Salma Hayek shared the photo of Maa Laxmi on Instagram and she wrote in her caption, "When I want to connect with my inner beauty, I think about Maa Lakshmi while meditating. She is considered the goddess of wealth, fortune, love, beauty, illusion, happiness, and prosperity in Hinduism. Her picture makes me happy and happiness is the best door to see the beauty inside yourself".

Salma posts something new for her fans every day, which her fans like very much. This post of Salma was liked by her Indian fans and they fiercely commented on it. 

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