Actress made shocking disclosure about Salman Khan

Bollywood actress Somy Ali has not been seen in a film for a long time but she has been making headlines for her and Salman's relationship. She has spoken several times so far about her broken relationship with Salman Khan years ago. Now once again an old video of Somy Ali is going viral. Somy has not named Salman in the video but Salman is the one in her words. In fact, in this video, Somy Ali reveals the truth about her relationship with Salman Khan. The video was shared by Kamal R Khan. You can see in this video, Somy Ali is seen saying that she was assaulted by the person for whom she left her home and came to India.



However, Salman Khan's name has not been mentioned in the video. So far, many times Somy has said that she came to India for Salman and her relationship with Salman Khan is deepening which ended in a bad place. You can see Kamal R Khan shared this video and asked who Somy Ali is talking about here? Who assaulted her, can anyone tell you? You can hear Somy Ali in this video saying, 'I was a Bollywood actress. I was dating a very big star. He has a personality like Brad Pitt in India. I moved to India at the age of 16 to find him and get married. I had the same crush on him as Katie Holmes on the Tom cruise. I went to India for him. I met him. He also started dating. But that relationship was a torturer. This torture was verbal and Physical too. '

In the video, Somy Ali said, 'I grew up thinking that it was normal. It happened to my mother at the age of 16. The man used to tell me why I didn't go and hit a neighbor. I hit you because I love you. I take care of you. I do it because I want you to do it and don't do it. I was a baby girl. I felt like he was doing right then. This is also because I was brought up like this. In an interview, Somy Ali once said, 'I wanted to marry Salman. But that did not happen. '

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