5 Fashion trends introduced by Salman
5 Fashion trends introduced by Salman

If you are a Salman fan then you are surely aware of his style. If Salman styles himself in a long hairdo or with an earring in a movie, it becomes a fashion trend. The superhero of the 80s and 90s has never failed to charm everyone with his style and lover boy personality. Check out 5 fashion trends introduced by Salman, which are still loved and followed.

1. Long hair, don't care
Back in the 90s, Sallu sported long hair in his movie Chandra Mukhi. Making a cool hair trend with long hair. Also is the movie Tere Naam, his hairstyle was largely followed by his fans.

2. Leather jacket
In the movie Maine Pyar Kiya, Salman has come up with a cool leather jacket. So we owe him the trend of the boxy leather jacket with patches.

3. Ripped jeans
Torn jeans fashion is not at all new. Salman has been working the trend since the 90s. Remember the Oh Oh Jane Jana song in which he stole everyone's heart with his shirtless swag and torn jeans.

4. The Salman bracelet
When it comes to men's fashion, they hardly have accessories to style. Salman, on the other hand, made his 
firoza bracelet a huge trend for all the men out there.

5. The silver hoop earring
We owe the one earring trend in men to Salman. He was one of the few actors who sported one silver hoop earring in Bollywood.

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