OMG: Salman Khan charges this much fee for one episode of Bigg Boss-12

Sep 14 2018 03:18 PM
OMG: Salman Khan charges this much fee for one episode of Bigg Boss-12

Bollywood ‘Bhaijan’ Salman Khan rules the millions of hearts with his personalty and performances. It is love of his fans which makes its every movie a huge commercial success. He earned lots of profit from his movie but do you know ‘Bhaijan’ is also expert in earning whopping amount from the Small Screen. Currently, he is hosting 12th season of Bigg Boss and who would be amazed to know that how much he charger for one episode.

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Now, only 2 day to go and then Bigg Boss -12 will be telecasted on TV channel colors. Before begning of every season, the two questions which rises most are who are the particpants and how much Salman is charging this time. The list of the contestant is already out and now the information about fee of Salman also has been revealed.

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According to reports, Salman is charging nearly 14 crore for one episode of the Bigg Boss- 12. Yes, you have read right, its 14 crore per episode. Now if you somehow digest this digits now get ready for the another shocking digit about the his fees of whole season. Salman is charging 300 crore for all the episodes of Bigg Boss-12 and in this way he can travel to moon 

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