Salman Khan trolled after 'Race 3' trailer launch

May 16 2018 12:48 PM
Salman Khan trolled after 'Race 3' trailer launch

There is huge fan following of Salman Khan as a Bollywood celebrity.

But as is the charm of his ‘bhaigiri’ spreading about in his fans. There are even more trollers who don’t miss even a single opportunity of pulling his legs. The thing is who doesn’t like memes?

We all pass our times on our phones, scrolling and smiling over lame jokes. There were already enough jokes when the news was leaked that Race 3 will star Salman Khan in its lead role, people indisputably shared the  “Ab Ghade bhi Race me Daudenge” meme.

The race trailer was launched on 15th of may 2018 and it has not even been a day but damn, believe me, the feed is filled with jokes on Salman Khan. Some of them are really funny and going viral all over facebook, twitter, and Instagram.

Here are some of the memes that really deserved to be shared and became an instant hit after their compilation.









I'm sure you must be laughing withholding your stomach. This was just people's reaction on the trailer, you never know what will the news feeds look like after the release of the movie, well that is something that we will come to know only after this Eid. The movie is all set to release on 15th of June 2018

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