Salts and peppers of Restaurant are filled with dirt, know more!

Sep 15 2019 05:22 PM
Salts and peppers of Restaurant are filled with dirt, know more!

Eating outside is never healthy, but people do not back down from eating outside. Many restaurants may appear well maintained from front, but in the case of their washroom and kitchen hygiene, they can turn anyone's mood off. Apart from these two, there are some items in restaurants that are not as clean as you think. We are going to tell you about this.

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Let me tell you, the menu card alone contains an average of 185,000 bacteria and can be considered the dirtiest item of the restaurant. The second most dirty item of restaurants is the one that stays in front of you. This item is the pepper shaker which is kept on the table and we keep using it comfortably in the soup salad. That too is not safe for you. It may look obvious but there are many microorganisms on the shaker. Let me tell you, all the taste-enhancing things like salt, Ketchup, vinegar, mustard, oregano are defective.

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According to a study, there are about 11600 bacteria on pepper shaker. The biggest reason for being dirty is that the shakers containing salt and pepper are rarely empty in most restaurants. In 2 seconds, 50 percent of the germs are on your hand.

What to do
Instead of adding black pepper in the food, if you want to, then ask the chef to add black pepper to the order. You can also keep anti-bacterial wipes, sanitizer, etc. with them so that after touching the shaker, clean the hands.

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