Sambhaji Beedi's name changed after 88 years in Maharashtra

Jan 23 2021 03:25 PM
Sambhaji Beedi's name changed after 88 years in Maharashtra

Mumbai: Sambhaji Beedi has finally been renamed after 88 years after the demand of Shiva devotees and organisations. The demand of Shiva devotees has been supported by the company. Now Sambhaji Beedi's name will be Sabale Beedi. The Congress and Shiv Sena have been pulling in for the past few days when Aurangabad in Maharashtra was renamed as Sambhaji Nagar.

Meanwhile, beedi, which has been sold in Pune for 88 years, has been renamed as Sambhaji Beedi. From now on, the production will be sold in the market in the name of Sabale Beedi. Pune's Sabale Waghere Group is producing this beedi. The company named Sambhaji Beedi in the name of Sambhaji Maharaj 88 years ago. After the agitation by all the Shiva devotees of the diocese, the company announced the renaming of Beedi.

In particular, Shiva Dharma foundation activists had staged a fast agitation at the bottom of the Purandar fort to demand the change of the name of the beedi. According to the information, the agitators demanded that Sambhaji Maharaj be disrespected by the production of smoking in the name of Sambhaji Beedi. So, immediately, the beedi should be renamed. Several organisations in Maharashtra had also agitated over the demand.

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