Sambhajinagar: Clash between two youths triggers violence
Sambhajinagar: Clash between two youths triggers violence

Mumbai: Tremendous violence between two communities was witnessed in Kiradpura, Sambhajinagar, Maharashtra. A small tussle took place between two youths at 12:30 p.m. outside the Ram Mandir located in Kiradpura. After which, some people started gathering in large numbers. After which the stone pelting started. The miscreants set several vehicles on fire. The miscreants also set police vehicles on fire. Apart from this, the incident of the bombing has also come to the fore.

At present, the situation has been brought under control by the police, and there is tight police security in the entire city. Police have also released tear gas shells in the Kiradpura area. To control the fire in the vehicles, three vehicles of the fire brigade have been sent to the spot. According to the police, this case occurred at 12:30 in the night. It is being said that violence broke out outside the temple in Sambhajinagar. Soon, people from both sides gathered in large numbers and started attacking each other. Cars were blown up. Meanwhile, there was stone-pelting, and bombs were also thrown. As soon as the information about the incident was received, the police officers reached the scene and tried to control the situation. There is still tension in the area. In view of the situation, a large number of security forces were deployed.

After the incident of violence, some Muslim religious leaders visited the site of the arson. He also demanded that people maintain peace. Meanwhile, local MP Imtiyaz Jaleel himself reached the Kiradpura Ram temple in Aurangabad and said that no case has happened in the Ram temple. Whatever incident has happened has happened outside the Ram temple only.

Sambhajinagar police officer CP says that the incident between two youths has turned into a big fight. After which, stone pelting started and many vehicles, including police cars, were set on fire. The police have stopped everyone by using force, and there is peace at the moment. The police have demanded everyone maintain peace. I have also shared this morning's photos from Sambhajinagar. In this, policemen are seen cleaning the place of violence. At present, there is peace in the city, but the movement of very few people is also being seen on the road.

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