Sambhavna Seth underwent surgery, video of the actress groaning in pain surfaced
Sambhavna Seth underwent surgery, video of the actress groaning in pain surfaced

Actress and dancer Sambhavna Seth is currently in a lot of pain. Recently, she was admitted to a hospital in Mumbai where she underwent surgery. During this challenging time, her husband Avinash Dwivedi stayed by her side and took care of her. The Bigg Boss fame actress has now shared an update on her health, revealing what happened and why she had to be hospitalized.

Sambhavna Seth explained, "I had to undergo surgery for something that had been delayed for a long time. Finally, I am getting the operation done, and it’s a very minor surgery with nothing to worry about. I have a polyp in my uterus that needs to be removed. This has been causing me pain for some time. However, due to Avinash's surgery, it got delayed, and then during the shooting of my music video, I was in pain but thought I should finish the song first and then get the surgery done."


She added that further delays occurred, leading to an emergency situation where she had to decide to undergo the surgery overnight. Sambhavna Seth continued, "I feel like 2024 has been all about hospitals and surgeries for us. First, our pet dog had to undergo surgery, then Avinash, and now it's my turn. Among all these, my surgery was the most urgent, but it got delayed. In fact, the doctor had already told us earlier that there was very little time left for my surgery. I wanted to make a comeback with a dance number, and just when my song was about to be released, I ended up being hospitalized."

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