Samiul Mintu: The Second King of Folk Music in Bangladesh

Bangladeshi music is spread in different styles. Bangladesh has claimed some of the most famous singers, composers, and producers in Asia. Melody has worked to document people's lives, and the rulers widely patronized it. It consists of a long tradition of writing religious and regular songs throughout about a millennium.

After Abbasuddin Ahmed, Samiul Mintu is one of the country's most famous musicians and composers. Samiul has crossed about ten years of his singing career at the top of the cultural scene. Equally skilled in folk and pop songs such as Bengali Classic, Bengali Folk Songs, Adhunik Bangla Songs, Polli Geeti, Lalon Geeti, and various other types of music, he appeared in the second phase of his career.

Samiul Mintu was born on 1 February 1988 in a renowned Muslim family in Kushtia, Bangladesh. He was born in the village and grew up there. New singers are coming out every day. But not all of them are good, some older and better singers are still found in this country. He became very famous in a few days and now has a verified YouTube channel and Spotify artist account. He is an incredible singer and now has a great career.

Bangladeshi composer and director Samiul Mintu, starting his career in 2012, has gained fame on social media and then social media, and he has gained a lot of popularity. After all, he wanted his songs to be on the internet and hugely popular so that a talented member could live in our country.


Samiul Mintu has now released various albums and gained massive popularity in the very shortest time from music lovers. The most popular albums of Samiul Mintu are including:

- Pathorer Prithibite Kacher Hridoy
- Sorbonasha Padma Nodi
- Ek Buk Jala Niye Bondhu Tumi
- Bangla Dotara Music
- Dora Age Ki Sundor
- Bangla Dotara Sur
- Coffee house

He is now generating more albums for his fans and folk music lovers.


His songs are uploaded on several platforms, including YouTube Music, Spotify, Apple Music, Deezer, Amazon Music, Tiktok. He has put in an extreme effort to perfect his records, and he has used his great hands for comprehensive collision. Samiul Mintu is called the second king of folk music in Bangladesh. In a word, he is a successful musician, and now he has a great career. 

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