Samsung's CEO gets embarrassed at the launch of Galaxy Fold
Samsung's CEO gets embarrassed at the launch of Galaxy Fold

It was reported in the past that Samsung's Galaxy Fold smartphone screen was having problems. There were several cases where the phone screen was broken by the removal of the protective plastic film on the phone's display. After the smartphone failed, the company's CEO DJ Koh said the device was launched in a hurry before it was properly designed, for which he is extremely embarrassed.

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In his statement, DJ Koh said it was extremely embarrassing. We launched it in the market before it was properly prepared. The phone is now in the process of recovery and is under several testing. In addition, the company says that currently, more than 2,000 prototypes are being tested in all aspects. There were many cases that we didn't think of, but analysts have issued tests. The company is testing it so that there will be no problem with the phone in the coming days.

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Why did the Galaxy Fold break the phone's screen by removing the protective plastic film on the failed phone display? The manual provides that the protective plastic film is not to be removed from the phone. However, no warning has been given about the matter.

In some cases, the display is broken even if the protective plastic film has not been removed. In fact, it is good that the case has come to light before going to the cell. The company could have had to face the ire of users if such a case was reported to the users after the device was delivered.

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