Samsung Jet Bot+ Vacuum Cleaner: A Smart and Efficient Cleaning Solution
Samsung Jet Bot+ Vacuum Cleaner: A Smart and Efficient Cleaning Solution

New Delhi: Samsung has recently introduced its latest innovation in home cleaning technology—the Jet Bot+ robot vacuum cleaner. Boasting advanced features and leveraging LiDAR technology, this cutting-edge device offers precise mapping capabilities, enabling more efficient cleaning and obstacle avoidance. Alongside its intelligent functionalities, the Jet Bot+ includes a range of cleaning modes, the ability to adhere to customized schedules, establish no-go zones, and even send notifications when the cleaning cycle is complete.

Equipped with powerful suction capabilities and adaptable cleaning modes, the Samsung Jet Bot+ effectively tackles a variety of surfaces, from hard floors to carpets. Additionally, the device comes with a mop attachment that aids in the removal of spills and stains.

The Samsung Jet Bot+ is a prime choice for those seeking a smart and potent robot vacuum cleaner. With its user-friendly interface, commendable cleaning performance, and an array of features, this device provides a comprehensive solution for hassle-free maintenance.

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Key Advantages of the Samsung Jet Bot+ :

  • Powerful suction for effective cleaning
  • LiDAR navigation technology for precise mapping
  • Diverse cleaning modes to accommodate various needs
  • User-friendly operation and control through a dedicated app
  • Hygienic dustbin emptying for easy maintenance


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In an era where smart home appliances are becoming increasingly prevalent, the Samsung Jet Bot+ sets a new benchmark with its intelligent cleaning capabilities and advanced LiDAR technology, offering users a comprehensive and efficient cleaning solution for their homes.

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