Sana Khan on hijab: 'Hijab toh I always had to take...'
Sana Khan on hijab: 'Hijab toh I always had to take...'

In India people of different religions live together following their religious practices. Many girls of the same Muslim community wear hijab. But these days a big controversy has erupted across the country regarding the hijab. The Karnataka hijab controversy is currently in the news. Everyone is giving their reactions on the traditional dress of Muslim women. But do you know that many actresses in the entertainment world have also started wearing hijab after saying goodbye to showbiz. Take Sana Khan, ever since she said goodbye to showbiz, she always appears in hijab and burqa.

The same Sana Khan has been a famous name in the television world. After doing Bigg Boss, Sana Khan's popularity started touching the sky. He got the opportunity to do films with big stars like Salman Khan. He had many big projects. Fans felt that Sana Khan was on her way to becoming Bollywood's top actress after television. But then suddenly people were taken aback by the announcement of Sana leaving showbiz.

Sana Khan said goodbye to showbiz to follow the path of Islam. By issuing a post, Sana had urged the people of the entertainment world not to come to him for any work. Now she is spending her life in pleasing Allah. Sana always covers herself with burqa and hijab. Giving Islamic education to the same people, Sana Khan had said in one of her statements about the hijab – I always had to take the hijab. I used to think that girls with hijab look so cute. I had heard two statements, in which Maulana was speaking so weeping that his statements touched my heart and more than that I used to cry. With the decision to follow the Islamic path, Sana Khan started wearing the hijab.

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