Rakshabandhan: Know about these three sisters of God

Rakhi festival is going to come on 3 August. Today we are going to tell you about the famous 3 sisters of history.

1. Sister of Lord Shiva: It is said that the sister of Lord Shiva was Asavari Devi. It is said that Goddess Parvati used to live alone, so she once told Shiva that I wish I had sister-in-law 'Nanad'. At that time Lord Shiva created one of her sister from his illusion and told Parvati Devi that this is my sister. Stories after that are found in the Puranas. Parvati's half-sister was Goddess Lakshmi, who was married to Srihari Vishnu. In the same way, the daughter of Lord Shiva i.e. Kartikeya and Ganesh's sister Jyoti, Ashok Sundari, and Mansa Devi are considered famous.

2. Sister of Bali: It is said that when Lord Vamana asked for three steps of land from Maharaja Bali and made him king of Patal lok, then King Bali also took the promise of being in front of him night to day. It is said that God had to go to Lakshmi again after Vaman avatar, but God got trapped by giving this promise and he started living in the service of Bali in the abyss. Goddess Lakshmi became worried about this. Naradji told Laxmiji a solution. After that Lakshmiji made Raja Bali her rakhi brother and brought her husband with her. That day was the full moon date of Sawan month, since then the festival of Rakhi became popular.

3. Ram's sister: Shriram also had two sisters, one Shanta and the other Kukbi. Today we are going to tell you about Shanta. According to the Ramayana of South India, Ram's sister's name was Shanta, who was older than the four brothers. It is said that Shanta was the daughter of King Dasharatha and Kaushalya, but a few years after she was born, for some reason, King Dasharatha gave Shanta to King Rompad of Angadesh. It is said that Lord Rama's elder sister was raised by King Rompad and his wife Varshini, who were the aunt of Lord Ram and Kaushalya's sister. Shanta's husband was a great sage Ringa. King Dasaratha and his three queens were worried about who would be the successor if they did not have a son. To overcome their worries, sage Vashistha advises that you get your son-in-law, Ring Rishi, to perform a sonishti yagya. This will yield a son. It was only the sage who performed the Putreshthi yagya.

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