She is thrilled about being able to play a character: Saniya Iyappan
She is thrilled about being able to play a character: Saniya Iyappan

Saniya said, "I am very lucky that I have found a film like Lucifer, directed by Prithviraj, who is playing the daughter of Manju Chichi (Warrior) and Bollywood actor Vivek Oberoi is also beginning his career. I am thankful that Rajutetan (Prithviraj) chose me and he has given me a tough role to guide me." She is thrilled about being able to take on a character who is usually unexplained and for the appreciation, she received for her portrayal, especially in a solo scene with Manju Warrier.

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She said, “I think I was able to be on the field with Manju Chichi. With that I was definitely nervous, to do scenes with an actor from Caliber who easily slips into the character. But the thing is, I was able to complete it because Manju Chichi is very down to earth and not a senior artist's air. I appreciate the support he has given me." She further says she feels extremely lucky to have these wonderful opportunities. She continued saying, "How lucky can one get at the age of 17? I am also very choosy and I am happy that I have paid for the elections that I have done. I am grateful that people choose me for roles."

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She said, "When The Priest director Joffin Chetan (T Chacko) approached me for the role, I immediately said yes. The selector young girl states that her female screen idols are Manju Warrier and Parvati, and they may like to do the kind of characters she portrays, and are able to carry a film like her. "I'm keen on doing good scripted films." Saniya, who is quite prominent on social media, often posts glamorous pictures and admits that she has received negative comments on it.

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