Sanjay Raut and Congress Leaders Criticize New Parliament Building's Design and Functionality


Mumbai:  Shortly after the inauguration of the new Parliament building, Shiv Sena (Uddhav Balasaheb Thackeray) leader Sanjay Raut criticized the Modi government for constructing a Parliament House that lacks historical significance. Speaking to the media on Sunday, September 24, he expressed his views, stating, "As Jairam Ramesh told us, the new Parliament building is a grand display... Some describe it as a 5-star or 7-star hotel... I have shared my experience in Saamana about the new Parliament House... It doesn't carry the essence of a historical structure."

Raut, who has served as a Parliamentarian for over two decades, reminisced about the old Parliament building, where he felt a connection to history. In contrast, he described the new Parliament building as lacking both a sense of the present and a historical legacy. He remarked, "As Jairam Ramesh mentioned, it's like a Modi multiplex, similar to the multiplexes in Delhi and Mumbai." Raut further expressed concern about the loss of decorum within the new Parliament building, mentioning that on its very first day of operation, heated exchanges took place. He questioned the silence of PM Modi, the Parliamentary Affairs Minister, and the Home Minister regarding these developments, suggesting that the sanctity of the building had been compromised.

In his candid critique, Raut wondered, "Has this building been transformed into a new haven for unruly behavior? There are no lobbies, corridors, or a Central Hall... The idea for a new Parliament building was conceived by the king... It was the emperor's Mann ki Baat... So, he created this new Modi multiplex." Congress leader Jairam Ramesh had previously criticized the architecture of the new Parliament building on September 23, referring to it as compact and claustrophobic. He argued that it lacked the cozy and conducive atmosphere of the old Parliament building, which fostered meaningful conversations and efficient coordination between the Houses.

Ramesh also hinted at a possible conspiracy behind the new building's design, suggesting that it made the functioning of Parliament more cumbersome. He noted, "The old building gave you a sense of space and openness while the new one is almost claustrophobic... The new complex is painful and agonizing." Other Congress leaders joined in the criticism, with Pramod Tiwari expressing concerns about the full air-conditioning of the new Parliament house. Tiwari believed that the openness of the old building was more scientifically practical and conducive to good health. He even claimed that many MPs had fallen ill due to the air conditioning in the old Parliament building. Overall, these remarks by political leaders reflect a divided opinion on the new Parliament building's design and functionality.

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