Sanjeevani 2: Will the truth of NV come to the fore?

Feb 18 2020 07:37 PM
Sanjeevani 2: Will the truth of NV come to the fore?

Producer Siddharth Malhotra has revealed a lot about the serial Sanjeevani 2. Soon this show is going to say goodbye to the audience. Before the closure, serial Sanjeevani 2 is constantly getting new twists and turns. This is the reason, the show is attracting people's attention. In the story so far, you have seen that Sid has regained consciousness but he is not yet aware that Ishani is married. This is the reason, Sid comes to express his love to Ishani as he regains consciousness.

'Sanjeevani 2' is going to off-air soon, producer tweeted

During this time NV also presents with Ishani. Ishani's senses will blow away by this act of Sid. That is why, in the coming episodes, she will try to tell Sid that she has become NV's wife.

Surabhi Chandna looks flawless, see pic here

Further on this show, before Ishani's move, she will come to know some truth about NV. Ishani will come to know that this condition of Sid has happened due to NV. That's why NV had married Ishani by making Sid disappear. He always wanted to get Ishani. That's why he took such a big step. In the upcoming episode, Ishaani is going to fight with NV a lot. Not only this, in a fit of anger, Ishani will also announce that, even after a million attempts of NV, she will never consider him as her husband.

Sanjeevani 2: Ishani turns down NV's love for Sid, Know what will happen next

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