Santul katahra "Upcoming young businessman from bombay”
Santul katahra

Santul Katahra is an Engineering graduate and with heart of an Artist, He was an active entrepreneur right from his school days.Santul started working at a very early age. He used to attend a lot of business seminars during his school time and used to observe how the influential people think work and act, how they operate. It’s basically all in the mindset. 

He started expanding his family business since the day he joined. He was never satisfied with what he had. He always had a hunger to grow more. In 2015, He suffered huge losses. His company came in huge debts. At that time he felt that it's all over for him. Next year he realised that it was just a start. It was just his perception which was wrong. Santul thinks, "Everybody is bound to make mistakes and nobody can become successful without making any mistake". He made a lot of mistakes in life. Infact he believes that they weren't mistakes anymore because they are just those experiences, which made him a Great Entrepreneur.

Recently Santul went to Dubai for his Birthday Celebration with his Girlfriend Sakshi Malik who is a top influencer/actress from India.Santul Katahra is a Successful Entrepreneur who knows that Self-Motivation is very important to being successful. He believes that if you want to succeed, you need to be able to push yourself.

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