Sara-Ali's marriage broken due to brother of this famous Bollywood actress, actor revealed himself
Sara-Ali's marriage broken due to brother of this famous Bollywood actress, actor revealed himself

In Bollywood film's famous reality show 'Lock Upp' of the famous actress Kangana Ranaut, every contestant is seen making many revelations. After these revelations, all the secrets of the personal life of the stars are coming out. After Tehseen Poonawala and Shivam Sharma, now Ali Merchant has raised the curtains due to the breakdown of his marriage with Sara Khan as soon as he came to the 'Lock Upp.'

This is the first time that the reason for the breakdown of Sara Khan and Ali Merchant's marriage has come to light. Sara Khan has been the contestant of the show from the beginning while Ali has recently appeared in 'Lock Upp.' In such a situation, The entry of Ali Merchant has proved to be a huge shock for Sara. Sara was surprised to see her ex-husband Ali Merchant.



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For the first time, Ali Merchant has revealed the mystery of the breakdown of his marriage with Sara Khan. Ali and Sara got married in the reality show 'Bigg Boss' but their relationship did not last long after which the two separated. He has discussed his relationship with the contestant of the show Payal Rohatgi. Sara Khan and Ali Merchant were part of Salman Khan's show 'Bigg Boss 4.' The two got married on this show. Shortly after the show, the two separated. Ali said that she was in a relationship with Ali Merchant when Sara participated in 'Bigg Boss.' But after going to the show, her closeness with the contestant Ashmit Patel started increasing. Subsequently, Ali entered the show and got married to Sara. Ali said that after getting married to Sara on the show, the two had a good time together. But he got out of the show after some time. Ali said that as soon as he was out of the show, he noticed that Sara's closeness with Ashmit had started increasing again. There was also a discussion in the media about this. People were calling it a publicity stunt. But after that their relationship deteriorated. Ashmit Patel is the brother of actress Amisha Patel. 

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