Shopkeepers were selling I love you written saree, people came on road to protest

Nowadays, many shocking and strange cases are coming to the fore. Now the case that has come to light recently is from the Karauli district of Rajasthan where people from the Meena community took to the streets to protest against the saree written on "I Love You.'' Yes, at the moment, this matter is a topic of discussion in the entire area. In this case, people allege that the businessmen ignored the local culture for their profits. On the other hand, people say that "on the one hand, the central government is trying to take the biggest steps for the safety of girls and women, while textile traders are printing I love you on sarees and selling them in the market."

Which cannot be considered correct in any sense. In this entire matter, the members of Meena samaj reached Todabhim subdivision headquarters and held a meeting with the traders on the matter. On the other hand, traders assured the villagers that such sarees will no longer be sold in the market and there will be no such mistake in the future. At the same time, the traders also apologized to all the villagers on this issue. Let us also tell you all, in Karauli, the people of Meena Samja protested against the sale of sarees, lugaris written on I love You.

After this, a meeting was held at the textile market with the traders of the people. In this meeting, it was agreed that now they will not keep or sell the sarees and lugaris written on the shops in the future. After that, it was held in the textile market of the entire textile trade board in the market. During this time, it was decided by all the traders in the business that no shopkeeper will sell sarees and lugaris and in the future, no such dress will be ordered by anyone. Now in this regard, people believe that such clothes will have a wrong effect on the youth.

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