Why Saudi Arabia is furious over Rana Ayyub?

New Delhi: Journalist Rana Ayyub has been badly hit by tweets about Yemen and Saudi Arabia. By accusing her of supporting terrorists, the People of Saudi Arabia are now telling Rana Ayyub a blatant lie, but journalists are blaming PM Narendra Modi for this too. In fact, Rana Ayyub wrote in her tweet that Saudi Arabia is destroying Yemen, while the reality is that Saudi Arabia is taking action there only at the request of the Yemeni government. Rana Ayyub also expressed shame that control of Mecca-Medina was with Saudi Arabia.



Now the people of Saudi Arabia and India are together surrounding Rana Ayyub. Major (retd) Manik M Jolly wrote in a tweet, "Rana Ayub stuck to a diplomatic issue that he did not even understand. The ISI used them to advance the Iran-Pakistan-Turkey agenda so that they could also attack Saudi Arabia-the US and partly Israel. This is much more than spreading everyday hatred. It's a big league. A Twitter account from Saudi Arabia said, "Non-Arabic Muslims understand that being Muslim only, they have the right to control the Kaaba. However, it was built by our great ancestor, Ismail. While Medina has been the land of our tribes. As a Saudi Muslim, I can say that your idea has no significance. Another user wrote, "Rana Ayyub is now openly supporting terrorists. The Houthi rebels killed two Indian nationals, but they are silent on this. There is no difference between the Houthis, al Qaeda or ISIS.''



Another Saudi user wrote: "As a Muslim, she is upset to see that Rana Ayyub is supporting an Iran-backed organization that forced millions of Muslims to flee Iraq, Syria, Lebanon and Yemen." 'TFI' editor Tribhuvan wrote Kirana Ayyub thought that like India, she could fabricate a false story against Saudis and emirates as well. But she completely forgot that, unlike India, Saudi and Emirates are not tolerant. Hopefully, now they would have made their definition of being "intolerant" clear. '



Hasan Sajwani, an expert on diplomatic affairs, wrote that people like Rana Ayub are the biggest culprits. He wrote that by calling themselves "humanitarian voices," such people always support Houthis, Hamas, and isis-related factions. He also recalled how Houthi militants killed two innocent Sikhs at Abu Dhabi airport. Another social media influencer from Saudi Arabia accused Rana Ayub of collecting funds in the name of social work. Hasan Sajwani has described Rana Ayyub as more dangerous than terrorists.''

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