Saudi authorities highlight the efforts of those who volunteer on International Volunteer Day

RIYADH: The General Administration of Education in Riyadh organized a special event on Monday at its location in the city in recognition of the United Nations' International Volunteer Day 2022.

Government and private organizations describe volunteer opportunities offered to all parties involved in education in Riyadh, including students and staff, at the Saudi and International Volunteer Exhibition, the slogan of which is "Giving a Nation", through the Rashtriya Swayamsevak 24 initiatives taken are included. platform.

According to the Saudi Press Agency, the exhibition is a component of the official initiative to promote and strengthen the culture of volunteerism in the educational sector, with the main objective of recruiting 1 million volunteers in total.

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The authorities seek to accomplish this by creating an environment that is conducive to the development of the voluntary sector, motivating those involved in education to become volunteers, and expanding volunteering opportunities.

The exhibition details the various projects and the work they do, as well as a "Team" pavilion emphasizing the connections between Saudis' aspirations and the community-volunteer opportunities provided by women's charities and schools.

Along with displays from government organisations, the exhibition highlights the work of non-profit groups such as Al-Waleed Philanthropy and the World Organization of the Scout Movement as part of a larger initiative to increase the capacity and scale of the Saudi volunteer sector by 47% Information displayed in within a decade.

According to the organisations, around 500,000 people in the Kingdom gave their time and energy to volunteer community service last year. Her work helped promote global issues such as climate change, access to education, and gender equality, as well as providing a social safety net for vulnerable groups.

According to officials, volunteers in the nation are given training and other programs in line with national values to guarantee the quality of their volunteer work and effectively harness the energy of communities.

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Al-Waleed and WOSM claim that their volunteer programs have built relationships and alliances with universities across the kingdom. To empower the next generation of volunteer leaders through Scouting, they partner with Princess Noura Bint Abdulrahman University,

Imam Abdulrahman bin Faisal University, and King Khalid University. With more universities expected to join the initiative soon, the aim is to persuade 500 Rover Scouts to help 100,000 young people volunteer.

The Athar Health Volunteering Society highlights some of its most recent achievements in honor of International Volunteer Day, which this year's theme is "Solidarity Through Volunteering."

It claimed that by offering health-awareness, educational and support services through community involvement, it hoped to encourage a culture of volunteerism.

Sultan al-Zahrani, the society's secretary-general, claimed that more than 20,000 volunteers helped to carry out several initiatives this year.

In addition, an additional 3,000 volunteers contributed 50,000 hours of labor to other projects with an estimated economic value of over SR6 million ($1.6 million).

Athar said it is collaborating with other organizations to recruit 1 million volunteers and boost the non-profit industry's contribution to the state's GDP.

International Volunteer Day celebrations at the Saudi Ministry of Environment, Water and Agriculture were attended by Deputy Minister Mansour Al-Mashaiti.

Ghanim Al-Jathan, deputy of the ministry's department for beneficiary service and branch affairs, pointed out that more than 22,700 people participated in 2,500 volunteer opportunities offered by the department this year.

Khaled Al-Mezlad, general manager of the ministry's general department of non-profit sector organizations, claimed that 49,000 people participated in 6,000 volunteer opportunities made available. These 2.5 million volunteer hours resulted in a financial benefit of over SR8 million.

Tabuk Governor Prince Fahd bin Sultan bin Abdulaziz announced the creation of a volunteer unit during a ceremony honoring the voluntary efforts of government organizations, charities and individuals.

We are hoping that the future will be better because recently there has been a remarkable and blessed increase in volunteer work in all areas, especially in Tabuk," he said.

We are pleased to announce the creation of a special unit for volunteering in the Emirate of Tabuk. This unit will support and guide anyone who wants to take part in voluntary work.

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In 1985, the United Nations established International Volunteer Day as an annual occasion for all countries to celebrate and promote volunteering, to recognize and honor those who participate, and to encourage more people to do so. inspires.

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