"Save democracy, people have to make it value-based": PM speaks at BJP Jaipur Meet

New Delhi:   Prime Minister Narendra Modi scathed a stinging attack on opposition parties on Friday, saying that some political parties take advantage of minor situations to forward their own agendas.

"Some political parties are attempting to divert attention away from pressing concerns, but we do not have to fall into their trap. There will be attempts to divert your attention away from the development issues, but you must persevere "PM Modi remarked while virtually speaking to the BJP's national office bearers in Jaipur.

He went on to say that in order to sustain democracy, people must make it value-based. "We must continue to oppose dynastic, family politics," he stated, adding that "we must stick to development and national interest concerns."  The Prime Minister further stated that dynastic politics is particularly detrimental for democracy, and that parivarvaad (dynastic) parties are always reliant on parivaar  (family).

"Democracy must be empowered if it is to be saved. Democracy must be made value-oriented, and then we must fight dynasty and family politics mercilessly "PM Modi continued.  He also advised BJP workers to steer away from family-based political parties, saying they have harmed the country and wasted vital time.

"Dynasties have harmed the country since independence. Family parties have wasted a lot of valuable time of the country with corruption, rigging, and nepotism," he added.

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