Shravan First Somwar Vrat Vidhi for offering prayers to Lord Shiva

The month of Sawan has begun and tomorrow is the first Monday of Sawan on the 22nd of July in which devotees worship Baba Bholenath with their reverence. On the other hand, there is a mythical belief that on the first Monday of Sawan, when water is offered to Baba Bholenath at a proper and auspicious time, he will be happy to offer blessings of wealth to his devotees. So, let's also know which Muhurat you should worship Baba.

In fact, according to astrologers, this time the first Monday of Sawan begins in Muhurat, where fasting brings happiness, wealth, a healthy body and the desired life partner, as well as the death of a couple of times. According to him, it is auspicious time to offer water to Baba Bholenath from 7 am to 9 pm on Monday of Sawan. In this auspicious Muhurat, water should be offered to all those who are facing economic difficulties. In fact, if you offer water within this time, your desire is fulfilled.

Four Mondays in Sawan
This time there are four Mondays in Sawan, which is considered auspicious. This time Shivratri is also on 30th July, i.e. on Tuesday the next day of the second Monday. Tuesday is dedicated to Mata Gauri in Sawan, so Mangala Gauri fasts on this day. Shivratri's fall on the day of Mangala Gauri Vrat is also special in itself.

July 22: Sawsan's first Monday.

July 29: The second Monday of Sawsan.

August 05: The third Monday of Sawsan.

August 12: Fourth Monday of Sawsan.

July 30: Shivratri

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