Keep these things in the vault in the month of Sawan, you will become rich sooner!

Aug 08 2019 05:43 PM
Keep these things in the vault in the month of Sawan, you will become rich sooner!

The month of Sawan is considered to be very special and Bholanath is worshipped during this month. Vastu Shastra is of great importance in India and it is said that in a house where Vastu is perfect, there are fewer sufferings and troubles, whereas, in a house where Vastu rules are not followed, troubles do not take its toll.

At the same time, Vastu brings positive energy to the house. There are many ways to get riches in life after you have done it. So today we're going to tell you the steps you can take during the month of Sawan, which you can do to get rich. So let's know those measures.

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1. A photo of Shivaji - You know that the month of Sawan is completely devoted to Shivaji, so our first remedy is related to him. In fact, a photo of Shivaji must be installed in the house during the month of Sawan. On the other hand, put this photo in such a way that Shivaji's face is always in the East or the North direction. It is said that Shivaji's grace-vision remains at your home and starts to be positive at home.

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2. Trishul - It is beneficial to keep a small trident made of metal in the vault or cupboard of the house during the month of Sawan. In fact, it rains money in your home and this little trident will be found at any shop or you can even make it. On the other hand, it is said that before you keep this trident in the vault, you must keep it with Shivaji and recite his worship and then place it in the place where you keep your money or jewellery. Keeping this little trident near the money adds to it and at the same time, there is no shortage.

3. Deepak - Says that Shivaji's aarti must be performed in the month of Sawan. On the other hand, when Aarti and put lamps in front of them, put two lamps instead of one. Make sure that this lamp should be of pure ghee. After the aarti is finished, let one lamp remain in front of Shivaji, but place the other lamp in the west or south direction of the courtyard of the house. They say that doing so keeps bad energies and negative energies away from your home. Measure this in the morning.

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