Do this work near the Shivling at night in Sawan, get Kuber's treasure!

Jul 24 2019 04:00 PM
Do this work near the Shivling at night in Sawan, get Kuber's treasure!

The month of Sawan has started for quite some time and the puja has a different significance during this month. During this month, Lord Shiva is worshipped with a lot of pomp and ceremony as well as to please Bhole Baba in the pooja. This time the holy month of Sawan will last till 15th August.

At the same time, every Shiva devotee worships God throughout this month, so that he can receive the desired fruit. It is said that a person who goes to the Shivalaya during the whole of Sawan and donates Deep, attains a renewable virtue. At the same time, the Shiva Purana also states that lamps should be lit near the Shivling during the night. Today we're going to tell you the story behind it, which you'll start following after you hear it.

This one measure done in Sawan can shine your luck!

The story of The Shiv Puran: In ancient times, a person named Gudnidhi was very poor. He was searching for food for himself and his family. he got up at night in search of food and stopped there at a Shiva temple. Gudnidhi thought that this is the place to rest at night. At night there was extreme darkness. He burned his shirt in the temple to remove this darkness. As a result of lighting Up Lord Shivalinga at night, he received the post of Treasurer of Gods, Kuber Dev, in the next life.

Do you know the story of Somnath and Mallikarjuna Jyotirlinga?

Yes, according to this legend, one should light the lamp in the Shiva temple during the night or evening and keep chanting the mantra "Om Namah Shivaay" while lighting the lamp. At the same time, you can also chant this mantra 108 times in the rosary of Rudraksha.

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