Today's Sawan's First Monday, Know The Significance

Jul 22 2019 10:51 AM
Today's Sawan's First Monday, Know The Significance

The month of Sawan has begun. This is Sawan's first Monday today. It is said that the Sravana is perfect for chanting, austerity and meditation, but Monday is of special importance. Sawsan's first Monday is on July 22. Sawsan's Monday is considered to be very profitable. So let's tell you today the importance of Monday's fast of Sawan.

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 significance of The Monday Vrat of Sawan -  it is said to be if there is no marriage in the horoscope or if there is any lack of marriage, then fasting on Monday can resolve this problem.  At the same time, even if there is age or health barrier in the horoscope or there is a problem with mental conditions, The Monday fast of Sawan gives the best results. It is also believed that besides observing fast one  should also worship Shiva Linga.

Shravan First Somwar Vrat Vidhi for offering prayers to Lord Shiva

How to worship Lord Shiva: For this, you must first go to the Shiva Temple after taking a morning bath and go barefoot from home and take water from home. Now go to the temple and offer water on the Shivalinga, chant the Shiva mantra 108 times. 

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